Step-by-Step Basic Tutorial

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started and familiar with how to edit an Adventist Place website.

1. Sign in to the Adventist Place Dashboard at

2. Select the Website you want to manage

  • Click on the name of your website in the My Sites area in the middle of your Dashboard to access that site's dashboard area. 
  • Most people will only have one site in the list.
  • If the website you need to manage is not listed, you'll need to add it, see

3. Opening an existing Page and editing it

4. When the Page you want to edit is opened you can then:

5. Add or edit links on your website's top menu

Go to Theme & Layout in your dashboard's left hand side menu, and then select "MANAGE" next to Main Menu

For detailed information on how to use the Menu Manager see

6. To add Files and Events to your website

  1. Click on the 'Content' menu item in your dashboard's main menu then select the type of item you want to enter
  2. After entering the content you need to add a widget to a page that will display and automatically update on your page, see

7. There's much more you can do!

See all the features and how to use them in our help page:

Contact us if you can not figure out how to do something even AFTER you've read our help material.

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