Widgets Overview

A Widget is a ‘box’ of a specific content type (eg text, image, video, contact form) that can be placed on a Page.

It is only by adding Widgets that you can add and arrange content on a Page for visitors to view.

All Widgets can be placed and arranged directly on a Page, or placed onto a Sidebar as a set of Widgets to use on multiple pages.

Pages can have as many Widgets as needed, including the same type of Widget many times over.

Generally Widgets are stacked vertically on a page

Depending on the Widget, they can:

  • have content entered directly into them (like the text or image Widgets) 
  • be used to display specific Content you’ve uploaded or have set up (like Blog Post, Video Playlists, Podcasts, Events or Documents Lists) 
  • pull in information from Adventist Cloud (like Opening Times and Team Members)

  • The Pages editor may not display the Widgets properly on Mobile devices. Please use a Tablet or Desktop/laptop when administering your site. The live site, however, is Mobile friendly.

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