Each page can have a separate Banner set with an image, and optional title and subtitle.

Add or edit a Banner's image or text by first opening the Page (in the 'Pages' area of your site's dashboard) that you want to change, and then either:

  • If there isn't a banner on the page yet, click the Add Banner button found towards the top of the page
  • If there is a banner already on the page that you want to change, put your mouse over the banner and a pencil icon should appear, and click that.

Then, after doing one of the above, select an image by using the image chooser (click the + button in the window that appeared) and also enter an optional title and subtitle.


  • You can not set a banner for multiple pages at once. They must be set individually.
  • A page does not have to have a banner. 
  • A banner does not have to have a text Title or Subtitle.
  • A page can have its title automatically displaying under the banner area, to turn on/off the auto page title, open the page you want to adjust and click the three menu dots up the top right of the page's editing screen, and select/deselect 'show page title on screen?' 
  • You can upload your own image or free stock photography is also available for use when clicking the + symbol.
  • Banner images are displayed across the full width of the screen. Images are automatically stretched and cropped (when displayed) to fit an aspect ratio of 2.775 on desktop devices, and 1.78 on mobile devices. So, design your banner image as per the red box, but keep its subject within the green box.

  • Here is a table of image dimensions which fit these aspect ratios:
    - 1110 x 400 with a subject area of 712 x 400 (basic resolution)
    - 1665 x 600 with a subject area of 1068 x 600 (multiplying by 1.5)
    - 2220 x 800 with a subject area of 1424 x 800 (multiplying by 2)
    - 2775 x 1000 with a subject area of 1780 x 1000 (multiplying by 2.5)
  • Maximum upload file size: 1 MB
  • There is no way to move or crop an uploaded image.
  • Images are compressed after being uploaded and may look slightly blurrier than the original.
  • If possible, avoid using text within banner images because it may appear blurry on large displays, and any such text is not accessible to search engines. Instead, use the banner title and subtitle.
  • Maximum characters, including spaces, for the banner title is 18 and the banner subtitle is 35. This is to help with formatting on smaller mobile views.

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