Uploading Images

You can only upload images when using a feature which uses an image. You will see a Plus and a Cross icon when you can use an image. 

Clicking the Plus icon will open the Image Chooser window and show currently uploaded images

To upload an image:

  1. Click Upload Image button
  2. In the window that opens, you can drag image files onto the Drop file here area or click Select Files and find and select the image on your computer and click Open to begin the upload 
  3. Once it finishes uploading you can optionally click the pencil icon to edit its Title, Photo Credit and other details (click save if you do make edits.)
  4. Then click the + icon to the right of the image to use the image you uploaded.


  • The maximum uploadable image size is 1MB.
  • Use a large dimension file as possible and the site will scale it between desktop and mobile views.
  • If you don't have an appropriate professional image to use you could use the Stock Images tab to find a photo.
  • There is 5GB of space on your Adventist Place Site for storage of Images, documents and audio files. Images uploaded to your site can be viewed and deleted in the Files section of your site.
  • You can select multiple images at once and drag them onto the Drop file here area for speedier bulk uploading
  • Photo Albums are not integrated into Adventist Place, but you could use a service like photos.google.com and link out to it from your site. 
  • Try not to use text in images as when it scales between desktop and mobile sizes if can become blurry, and the text is also not indexable by search engines.
  • Images can only be uploaded via the Image Chooser - they can not be uploaded directly into the Files area.
  • Edit an image's details either at the time of uploading, by clicking on the pencil icon once it's uploaded, or after it's uploaded by going to Content>Files and clicking on the image. An image's editable details include Name, Summary, Photo credit, Credit web address, Publish date and Tags. (see Files documentation) 

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