Adding Files to a Resource Group

  1. Go to Content>Resources
  2. Click on the existing Resource Group you want to add files to (or add a Resource Group first)
  3. Click Add Download or Add Link
  4. Click +Select Files and navigate to the folder your files are stored your computer. Select the files and click Open.
    (Alternatively, drag the files from your computer onto the  Drop file here area) 
  5. Once uploaded, click the Pencil icon to edit the file’s name and details, and click Save at the bottom to keep any changed made.
  6. Click the Documents tab at the top of the window
  7. Click Add for all documents you want to add to the Resource Group.
  8. When back on the Resource's details page, click Add More File Formats if you want to provide multiple versions of same resource (eg. PDF, DOC, JPG)

NOTE: Whenever you add or remove a file from a Resource Group, every page/sidebar the Resource group is displayed on throughout the site will update automatically.

A resource can be added to multiple Resource Groups

Uploading Tips

  • PDF is the recommended format for uploading bulletins so they can be viewed on all platforms, but if you need to you can provide multiple versions of same bulletin within the same resource (eg. PDF, DOC, JPG).
  • Where possible save documents as ‘optimised for web’, not full print quality, so the files size is much smaller. This makes it faster to upload, faster for people to download and takes up less of your sites allocated space – everybody wins!!
  • Maximum upload file size is 20MB

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