The Files area, found via  Content>Files on the main menu, displays all the files uploaded onto your site.

These are the files which use up the allocated space of your site.

Each Adventist Place has 5gb of file storage allocated for uploading image, audio and document files. 

In this Files section you can:

  • Search for a file, by using the magnifying glass up the top right. Search looks up File names.
  • Filter to only see certain file types by clicking the funnel icon.
  • Sort by a column by clicking the title of the column of interest.

The list of files shows the file name, file type, storage size and published date.

  • Edit a file’s details by clicking on the file’s name. Here you can:
    • Name is is displayed for Documents and Podcast files's
    • Summary is used for Resources as a displayed description.
    • Person is for adding an author to a podcast file
    • Photo Credit can be added with and optional  URL (must include http://) which will display as small text near the image
    • Published adjusts the publish date of the file
    • Tags (separated by commas) may be used at a later date.
    • View/copy the URL of the file
    • View (download) the file
    • View where the file is being used on your site
  • See Usage Locations clicking the three dots to the right of a file and click Usage to see where or if the file is being used on your site.
  • Delete a file, clicking the three dots to the right of a file and click Delete.


  • Stock images used on the site also display here but do not count towards your site’s storage.
  • Deleting the stock image from your file library will remove it from wherever it’s used on your site.
  • To display a list of files on a page for visitors to download, create a Document List. See the Document Lists support page
  • To display images on a page, use the Image Widget or Card Widget
  • You can not upload files direct into the Files area. They can only be added when you are in and area which will use that type of media - for example, to upload images you need to be in the place you'll use the image, such as the Banner area of a page or in the Image Widget, and then open the Image Chooser by clicking the + icon.

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