Updating Place Details

The main details set for a Place can be found via Settings>About Place of the main menu.

These details are managed by your conference/mission/Adventist Media in a system called Adventist Cloud. These details should rarely need changing and are also used outside of its  Adventist Place Site. 

Details brought in from Adventist Cloud include:

  • address and default map location
  • languages
  • representatives (eg Pastors)
  • opening times
  • phone
  • contact email

Correcting Details

If any of the above type details on your site are incorrect, go to  Settings>About Place in the main menu and use the Suggest a Change pencil icon link and send the details which need updating.

There is no way for you to access or edit the Adventist Cloud details directly.

Changing Place Name

You can alter the name that appears for the Site in  Settings>General of the main menu.

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