Map Widget

This Widget lets you put a Google map on your site showing your location or a custom selected location.

The default map location is set by us in Adventist Cloud and corresponds to your Place's street address.
If you need your default map location altered, see here.

You can create your own Map locations also, see below.

Setting the Map Widget

  1. Add the Map Widget, on a page or Sidebar
  2. Find the location by either search for an address or find the location manually by zooming in and out (using the + and – on the map) and drag the map around to find the location you want. The Map widget will automatically start set to your Place’s address, as recorded and managed in Adventist Cloud. (See Place Details )
  3. Alter the exact location of the red marker pin on the map by clicking and dragging it to the exact location desired.
  4. Set the Zoom level as the Map Widget will display the same zoom level was set when you save. The pin will always be saved centred after saving.
  5. Optionally enter a Label for the pin (which will display if moused over) and/or a Title and Summary to appear above the map
  6. Save

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