People Widget

The People Widget is for displaying leadership on pages of your site.

The People Widget can display the name, photo, position, social links, and description of:

  1. people which an admin has manually entered into your site

  2. the leaders of your place who are in Adventist Cloud (information managed by your conference and/or Adventist Media).

RECOMMENDATION: use the Adventist Cloud listings for your leadership rather than making up a new manual listing. That way when the leadership changes it will update automatically. If their details are not up to date, submit a request with the new details. (See Place Details support)

People Widget Configuration

  • 'Featured People' will display all people who have a 'star' selected in the People management page. (settings>People)
  • 'Custom' will display only people you select after clicking 'Add person' (one or more People can be selected).
  • Order People (if you have 2 or more people added) by clicking and dragging their names up or down to change their display order.
  • Remove a person from displaying by clicking the trash can on the right of a person .
  • Remember to click Save when creating the widget.

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