People Overview

An admin can curate a collection of People in an Adventist Place site who can be displayed:

  • on a podcast as the presenter
  • on a document/image as the author
  • on a blog post as the author (blog coming soon at time of writing this)
  • on a webpage as someone a visitor should take note of

The People are not to be confused with the Site Users (Admins or Members) of your Place Site who can edit content of your site, nor are they to be entered as some kind of membership list of your Place.
People are to be entered if they are notable persons who need to be displayed somewhere on your site or set as contributors to content.

People come from two locations:

  1. The top Leadership team should automatically be available as People. These People's details come in, and are updated, automatically from Adventist Cloud. Their information is managed by your conference/mission and/or Adventist Media. Submit an update details  request if their details become outdated. (See Place Details support page)
  2. Admins can add additional People manually. (see Adding People support page)

To see or add People, go to Settings>People in the main menu

Featured People

  • The stars to the right of the list of People, if selected, makes them a featured person. The People Widget can be put on a page and set to display all Featured people. 
  • The Sort Featured button allows you to set the order the featured people display in.

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