Site Users Overview

Multiple Users are able to administer your Site.

Do not use a communal/shared login, have each person create their own login so you can remove privileges or track changes.

Each User needs to have their own personal account. If they don't, they can make an account here

A single User can also administer more than one Adventist Place Site with the same account login.  

A login for the old netAdventist system, or myAdventist, will not work on Adventist Place.

There are two types of User roles for a Site on Adventist Place:

Members privileges:

  • create and edit all Site content

Admin privileges:

  • create and edit all Site content
  • receive Submission Form notifications
  • add/approve and decline/remove Users

Public Logins

There is no passworded 'login' feature for the public to use and become website members to be able to access restricted areas/content. The login feature is only for admins to access the Dashboard and edit the website.

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