• A domain is the web address URL visitors can type in to find your website.
  • Domains for your Place are managed at Settings>Domains in the Dashboard's Main Menu
  • Clicking the Star next to a Domain makes it the default/primary domain to appear int eh Address bar. NOTE: ONLY set a domain to the primary if that domain is setup and working/accessible or your website will not display for visitors.

Default Domain

By default your website will have a [placename] web address instantly functional. However, we highly recommend connecting an alternative primary web address, as below. 

SPD Standard Domain

You can have the web address [placename][country code] as your Adventist Place Site's web address.

  1. Go to Settings>Domains
  2. Click Add Domain
  3. Enter [placename][country code] as the domain (which your church possibly already had in the past).
  4. Save
  5. Then fill in the domain form here and we'll get it connected for you.

Custom Domains (optional)

You can connect one or more of your own registered Domains you've purchased to your Adventist Place Site. eg.

NOTE: connecting your own domain name can be a daunting task and is a whole new technical language to many. If this is new to you, we recommend you go slowly, step-by-step through the below instructions.

To connect a custom domain to your Site:

  1. Purchase/register Domain
    A domain name first needs to be purchased/registered (and will need paid renewal every year or two). Names can be purchased at many places, like
  2. Add it to your Adventist Place site:

    1. go to Settings>Domains
    2. click Add Domain
    3. enter the domain name including 'www', eg:
    4. Click Save
  3. The screen will display a CNAME record that needs adding to your Domain's DNS settings. Take note of this CNAME address on the screen. Note: you can see this CNAME again if you go to  Settings>Domains and click on the domain you're adding.
  4. Log in to where you purchased your domain name and edit its DNS settings.
    Your Domain provider may or may not have free DNS management, check their support material of how to set up a CNAME.
    Note: DNS is different to NS (NameServers) - make sure its DNS you're editing.
  5. Now add the DNS record as follows:
    - Hostname/Alias: www
    - Record Type: CNAME
    Value/Host: [insert CNAME detail mentioned by Adventist Place]
    - TTL: 8 (optional)
  6. We also recommend you redirect to
    Depending on your DNS provider this can be done in different ways.
    If you're unsure/unable to do the redirect with your Domain/DNS we recommend setting up a free account where you can set up the first CNAME record (as above) and also redirect to by creating the second DNS record of:
    - Hostname: @
    - Record Type: CNAME
    - Value/Host: [insert same CNAME mentioned by Adventist Place]
    TECH NOTE: we do not have a static IP we can provide to set up an A record to do this redirect the common way of CNAME to A record to IP.

    Stuck??  Contact us. :)
  7. Once your CNAME is set up on your domain... wait!
    It could take up to a day (or two) to start working while your name re-points and then Adventist Places generates and connects a secure certificate for the domain. It can be as quick as a couple of hours however. 
  8. Once your domain IS pointing to your site, only then click the 'Star' next to that domain in your list of domains in Adventist Place. This will make that domain the Site's primary web address to always show in the address bar.

Custom Domain still not working?

If your custom domain doesn’t connect after a couple of says, test the following:

  1. Have you waited at least a day?
  2. Try it on a different computer/device/internet service provider, like your phone using data, an iPad, work computer or a family/friends computer, and see if it displays for them yet.
  3. Double check the Domain you set in your Adventist Place Site is correct (what you own) and without spelling errors
  4. Go back and check the CNAME details entered were correct and saved.

Pointing [name] name out to an external website

Currently we do not forward [name] names to websites outside the Adventist Place system. The .place name will only exist when there is an Adventist Place website. Your primary URL should be [placename][country code] or a custom Domain, never the domain for the long term.

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