Accessing an Adventist Place Site

So… your official Seventh-day Adventist place needs a simple to use website?

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Here’s how…

Step 1 – Login

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up to create an Adventist Place account
    NOTE: Adventist Place no longer uses myAdventist logins, so previous users must reset their passwords (click Forgot password?)  to continue using Adventist Place.
  3. Login with your account details

Step 2 – Add Website

After logging in to

  1. Click ‘ADD SITE’
  2. Start typing the name of the Adventist Place you need to manage a website for.
  3. Select the correct place which should appear below the name you entered and click Submit.
    (If your location's missing see notes below)
  4. Wait for us to review and approve your request (usually in a few minutes, but up to 48hrs) or if your site already has an Admin, its up to them to approve your request.
  5. Once approved, you’ll get an email and the Site will appear in your Adventist Place Dashboard, and you can begin administering it!


  • Missing your location?
    Practically all the Aust/NZ Adventist places should be in the list, if you’re in this area and your Adventist Place did not appear, check you spelling or try entering a common variation of the name. If your Adventist Place still doesn’t appear, eg, most Pacific Island churches are not yet in our list,  send a request here and we’ll review your submission for addition of your Place. (We can only add official Seventh-day Adventist places in the South Pacific Division.)
  • If you are a church that meets at, for example, a school each weekend, do not use the school as your ‘place’ – you need to have your own ‘place’, which happens to meet at the same location.
  • If your Adventist Place Site already has a webmaster, your request for access will be approved by them. You can have multiple admins of a site.
  • You can add multiple Sites to your Adventist Place Dashboard if you are associated with more than one Site.
  • There is a login link in the footer of your live website, or by putting /admin on the end of your web address, but note: you can't access your site this way until you have logged into and added the 'new site' to the list of sites you manage (and been approved) .
  • Adventist Place does not share a login with netAdventist or myAdventist 
  • The Adventist Place password requires 8 or more characters and must not be on a list of known compromised emails

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