Editing Page Details

After opening a Page, and in its regular edit screen, you can:

  • Change the Page’s Status by clicking the 'switch', up the top right, where it says Draft or Published.

Via the three menu dots up the top right you can:

  • Add to Main Menu by clicking Add to Menu (see our menu articles)
  • Preview the page via the three menu dots up the top right
  • Change the layout of the page to be full width or with Sidebar
  • Edit the page's settings, including:
    - Hide the title
    from displaying on page
    - Permalink: the web address URL of the page
    - SEO Page Title edits the meta property="og:title" tag 
    - SEO Page Description edits the meta name="description" tag

Adding/Editing Content on a Page

  • All content is added and arranged on each Page by editing or adding Widgets.
  • To edit the content/settings of an existing widget on a page, click on the widget to edit and then click 'Edit', which appears at the bottom of the Widget.
  • To add a another Widget, click an existing widget and then click the blue '+' icon at the locations you want to add the widget. (above, below ot to the right of the widget you clicked on.)
  • See the Widgets help files for more detailed instructions: https://support.adventist.place/category/8-widgets
  • The general contact details found in the footer, like phone number, address, open hours, are managed on Adventist Cloud.
  • In the future we plan to make the footer's content and layout editable.
  • header and footer code can be added site wide

NOTE: The Pages editor may not display properly on Mobile devices. Please use a Tablet or Desktop/laptop when administering your site. The live site, however, is Mobile friendly.

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