Editing Page Details

After opening a Page, and in its regular edit screen, you can:

  • Change the Page’s Status by clicking the switch next to the status Draft or Published.

Via the three menu dots up the top right you can:

  • Add to Main Menu by clicking Add to Menu (see our menu articles)
  • Preview the page via the three menu dots up the top right
  • Change the layout of the page to be full width or with Sidbar
  • Edit the page's Title, hide the title from displaying on page, and edit the URL and SEO title and description for search engines

Adding Content to a Page

All content is added and arranged on each Page by adding Widgets.

The general contact details found in the footer, like phone number, address, open hours, are managed on Adventist Cloud.

In the future we plan to make the footer's content and layout editable.

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