Adding Site-wide Code

To add site-wide custom code, go to Theme & Layout > Code Snippets > Manage and scroll down.

Header code

HTML, meta tags, javascript or CSS code entered here will appear in your websites header,  between the <head></head> tags of your website.

This is useful for adding Google Analytics code or for doing a Google site verification if for example you want to use Google's Search Console or where you need to add the following meta tag to your home page: <meta name="google-site-verification" content="GoogleCodeWillBeHere" />

Body code

HTML or javascript code entered here will appear before the </body> tag on every page of your website. 

This can be useful for Facebook's Customer Chat Plugin, like seen here:


  • The Embed Code Widget can be put on specific pages with <embed> code tags
  • The Page specific [meta property="og:title"] and [meta name="description"] tags can be added when opening a Page, clicking the three menu dots up the top right, and clicking settings.

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