Text Widget

The Text Widget will probably be the most common widget you’ll use on Pages.

Adding a Title is optional. A Title appears above the main text area and is the same size as Header 4 styled text.

Text can be styled in the following ways:

  • Text Style Formatting dropdown:
    • Paragraph: the default text style to use for all general text
    • Quote: indents text to the right
    • Header 1: For page titles
    • Header 2: For major sub area titles
    • Header 3: for regular sub area titles
    • Header 4: for minor sub area titles

  • Bold text

  • Italics text

  •  Super Script, and  Sub Script

  • Unordered
  • bullet
  • lists

  1. Numbered
  2. bullet
  3. lists

Horizontal rule line, like this:

Text Links can be made of any highlighted text and then clicking the Link Chooser chain icon, and an existing link can be removed by clicking the broken link icon.

Button Links can be made from text links by highlighting the link and clicking the Button Editor square icon, and existing buttons can be removed by clicking the empty square icon.  

Align paragraph left, centre, right and Justified to left and right

Liquid Tags can be added with the final tag icon for inserting automatically added and updating site name and contact details.

Widget Style

The background style of the Text Widget can be set to:

  • Card style, which shows the content on a background/box
  • Plain style, which has no background.


  • Images or Embed Code can not be added to a Text Widget – they have their own Widgets.
  • Utilise the Widget Grouping feature if you want text and other media side-by-side.
  • While you’re possibly an accomplished and responsible designer, further text styling, such as font, text size, text colour and underlining etc has been disabled to prevent graphically challenged webmasters from accidentally creating something hideous.

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