Liquid Tags Explained

Liquid Tags can be used on the Text Widget and Contact Form Widget to bring in site details (eg address, phone, site name) from Adventist Cloud and allow the details to entered and be kept up-to-date automatically.

The Liquid Tags can be found by clicking the Tag icon, on the right of the Text Widget toolbar.
Put your cursor where you want the Tag to be inserted, click the Tag icon, select the Liquid Tag you want to appear and then select the Tag to insert.

NOTE: wen selecting the Liquid Tag from the list, you can see an example of what info it will display below each tag, but when you insert the tag, you will only see the Tag code while in Widget editor view, and the real information will display when you Save. 

But, what is a Liquid Tag?

  • A Liquid Tag is a tiny bit of code which looks like this: {{ user.title_name }}
  • "Liquid", as in varying, "Tag", as in small piece of information, means: "A small piece of varying information"
  • When Liquid Tags are placed on a page they will be substituted for different variations of a small piece of content, like the Place name, or phone number, when viewed live.
  • Using Liquid Tags means you can put Site details through out your site and if they change, the details only need be updated in Adventist Cloud and the whole site will update.

Welcome to {{ site_name }}, you can visit us at {{ street_address_full }} or call us on {{ street_address_full }}. 

Don't be scared to insert or move Liquid Tags, just test the end result before you finish and you'll see if what you have done reads correctly.

How to move or remove Liquid Tags

  • If there is a Liquid Tag in the wrong place, all you have to do to move (or delete) the Liquid Tag is make sure you select the entire Tag, which is from (and including) the tag's opening {{ all the way to (and including) the closing }}.
  • Example: An entire Tag looks like the following line:
    {{ user.title_name }}
  • If the tag does not have the double opening {{ and closing }} , it will not work and will display whatever is left of the code as text on the screen and never be substitute with the desired content.

How to insert/change Liquid Tags

  • Liquid Tags in Adventist Place are available in the Text Widget or Contact Form Widget.
  • On these pages you will find a dropdown menu which will open a list of all the available Liquid Tags you could use.
  • Clicking the tag you want will put it on the page.
  • If you pay attention to the text inside each tag, you should be able to decipher what will appear when the finished document is created.

There are a few options for displaying a User's name. For example:

  • {{ site_name }}
  • {{ official_name }}
  • {{ short_name }}
  • {{ street_address_full }}
  • {{ street_city }}
  • {{ street_region }}
  • {{ street_postcode }}
  • {{ postal_address_full }}
  • {{ contact_email }}
  • {{ contact_phone }}

How to style Liquid Tags

To make the text which the Liquid Tag converts to stylised, simply highlight the entire Tag and select Bold, Italic or select an item from the Formatting icon to change the size of the Tag and it will display it's content on the page as that same formatting as the Tag's code appears.

Put a space before the '{{' and a space after the '}}' to ensure the text does not join up to text either side of it in the sentence - unless you want it to join, like in the case of a comma or full stop.

Advanced Help

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