Email FAQs

Here is a collection of various information relating to email. 
  • How do I update/add an email to the footer of my website?
    See here
  • Can I have an email address with my free SPD subdomain?
    No, sorry. The SPD does not provide a [name][countrycode] email address with the free [name][countrycode] addresses your website may have.
  • How do I get an email address for my church?
    Here's 5 options:
  1. setup a free Gmail account
  2. purchase your own domain name that can be used for both your web address AND email. (eg. www.[mychurch].com )
    see details here
  3. use your pastor's email address on your site
  4. don't provide any email address, just use the contact form on the website - which get's forwarded to one or many email addresses. (but when replied to they will see the replier's email.)
  5. have your conference set up (eg. as a shared church mailbox.
    Each person who requires access to that mailbox will need an office 365 e1 license with a which will be charged to the conference, who is responsible for on-charging to the local church if they wish.
    Setup configuration help is provided upon request by your conference. All provisioning requests (Additions, Removals, Password resets and permission changes) are made by the conference's site IT contact.
  • How do I manage the Contact Forms, Messages and Recipients on my website?
    See here
  • How do I collect email addresses on my website for a Mailing List?
    See here
  • How do I update my admin email address?
    See here
  • How do I add a Facebook Customer Chat window to my site? 
    See here

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