Contact Forms Overview

A simple contact form is available for your Site so visitors can quickly and easily send a simple message without needing to use their email, or the need to display your email. It’s recommended EVERY site have a contact form.

  • The form collects a Name, Email and a Message (these input fields cannot be added to or removed).
  • It can have an optional list of Topics which, when selected, diverts the emailed to a specific sets of recipients. 
  • The Contact Form can be added as a Widget to as many pages as needed. While there is only one form, each time the Form Widget is added it can have a different topic selected as default, 'virtually' makeing it a different form.
  • Notification when a Form is submitted will be sent by default to each admin of your site, unless modified, and submissions can be viewed by going to Contact Submissions in the main menu.
  • You can set the conformation message, Topics and recipients for your Contact Form in the Manage area of the Contact Submissions are in the main menu.

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