Managing Contact Form Submissions

After a contact form is submitted an email notification will be sent by default to each Admin of your website, unless you've edited the list of recipients.

To add or remove recipients who receive the Contact Form Submission emails, go to Contact Submissions in the main menu and then click the 'Manage' button up the top right. 
Then, in the Default email recipients field, you can add/remove email recipients, making sure there is only one per line.

To view a Submission you’ll need to login to Adventist Place and go to Contact Submissions on the main menu.

Click the name to view the submitted message.

When opening Contact Submissions, all unread submissions will have a red dot next to the sender’s name. Viewing an the notification email will also mark the message as read.

NOTE: When logged in, if there was a new Submission, the notification bell up the top right will have a red circle indicator showing. It is possible your notification of the submission can be showing as unread while the Submission has actually been read by yourself or another Admin/Member.

Marking Messages Read/Unread

When viewing a Submission you can mark it as Read. This should be done if you are the one who has acted on the submission. This is so other Admins/Members of your site (or even yourself) know the message has been attended to. You can also revert from a ‘Read’ status back to ‘Unread’.

To reply to a submission you’ll need to copy the email address and send a message via your usual personal email service. There is no way to reply to a message within Adventist Place.

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