Contact Form Topics

You can optionally add Topics to your contact form.

These Topics will appear as a drop down option on your from if you have some.

Each Topic can have a different set of recipients. If left blank it will send to the default set of recipients.

A particular Topic can be set to show by default per Contact Form Widget added. This meas the Contact Form Widget on one page can be preset to go to one set of email addresses, and another Contact Form Widget on another page (or even the same page) can be set to go to another set of email addresses if filled in.

To add, edit or delete Topics and their recipients:

  1. Co to Contact Submissions (in the main menu)
  2. Click Manage up the top right, then you can:
    Add a Topic by clicking Add on the right 
    Edit and existing Topic and recipients by clicking the title of an existing Topic
    - Delete a Topic by clicking the three dots to the right of an existing topi

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