Event Featured Widget

Adding the Events Featured Widgets let you prominently display a single event. You can choose from:

  • Next Upcoming Event – choose either a specific calendar or all calendars and the Widget will display the next event coming up automatically at all times. It changes over automatically a day after the event date or, if entered, a day after the end date.
  • Select an Event – choose the specific event from the combined list of events from all your calendars in the second drop down list.

See it in action here: https://demodale.adventist.place/event_list

TIP: If you’re planing on entering all the ‘regular’ events into your site (eg Sabbath school at 9:30) we recommencement creating a ‘regular events’ calendar to separate these into, then use the main calendar only for unique special events. This way you can easily have a Featured Event Widget on the home page automatically displaying the next ‘special event’ as a big promotion in the weeks leading up. If all the events, including Sabbath school, are in one calendar and you choose ‘next upcoming event, the event promoted for almost the entire week leading up to Sabbath would probably almost always ‘Sabbath school’ as the literal next event in the combined calendar – instead of showing the closest ‘special’ event, like an outreach program or social evening.

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