Adding/Editing Events

By adding events into the Events feature of Adventist Place the next up-coming Event can be displayed on your site and will automatically be removed/replaced with the next Event as each Event's time passes – keeping your website up to date.

To manually add an event:

  1. Go to Content>Events in your Dashboard's main menu
  2. Click the title of the Local Calendar you want to add the event too
    (or Add Calendar first, if you haven't done that previously)
  3. Click Add Event and fill in the below details:
  4. Name - appears as a title on the website for promoting the event.
  5. Frequency of the event:
    - Occurs once: For one off events.
    Select the start date and start/end times of that single event. The event will display in the lead up to that event and then be removed from view.
    - Daily: For an event which run in consecutive days.
    Select the start day and end day, and the start and end time each day will share, and the event which runs in consecutive days will update each day on your website during that time.
    - Weekly: For an event which is on the same day and share the same start time in consecutive weeks.
     Select the start date and then that day of the week will repeat the event until the end date you select. Also select the start and end time the event will share each week and the event which runs every week will update each week on your website during that date range.
    - Custom: For an event that have differing start times and/or dates.
    Select any dates on the calendar chooser and each date can have unique times but will share the text and image details entered next.
    NOTE: Events that are not 'Occurs once' will display a + symbol on their listing so visitors can see all the dates/times of that event.
  6. Summary - enter informative text details about the event here to entice people to come along.
  7. Image - add an inspiring image, using the Stock Images tab in the Image Chooser if you don't have a good image of your own.
  8. Registration Web Address (URL) - if you have a website service that is managing registrations for the event, put the web address in and a Register button will appear in your event's listing. Note: the web address must include the http:// in the address
  9. Street Address - enter the street address of the event here and a Google map of that address will display on the Event's listing.
  10. Click Save


  • After adding an Event, it will automatically update any Event Widgets displaying Events from the calendar the new Event was added to.
  • Events that are not 'Occurs once' will display a + symbol on their listing so visitors can see all the dates/times of that event.


Add event screen:
Events Page View (

Event View

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