Events & Calendars Overview

Events for your Place are collated in different Calendars.

There’s a few ways you can add and display Events on your website. These include:

  • Adding events to Calendars in your website and displaying them on a Page using the Event Widgets
  • Embed Code from another online calendar services, like Google Calendar, using the Embed Widget
  • Use a Text Widget and manually maintain its appearance and lifespan on a Page.

Your website can have multiple Calendars to put Events into. This allows you to display a more specific list of events, which are only in a particular Calendar, in different areas of your website.

An Event can only be in one Calendar.

Putting a  /events at the end of your site's web address (eg ) shows all your site's events on a one page. You can link to this page.

Events display a "Subscribe to Calendar" link, which is a Webcal function that will allow users to sync the events in the calendar on your Adventist Place site to a calendar on their device, such as iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook etc.

To view a live example of Events on Adventist Place, visit

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