Storage Space

An Adventist Place Site has 5 Gigabytes (5,000 megabytes) of file storage space allocated to it.

Storage is used for uploaded images, documents and audio files.

NOTE: there is no need to upload videos, instead use a free YouTube or Vimeo account and access your videos from there.

To see how much storage space has been used, look to the right of the website’s Overview page.

See and manage what files a using this space by going to Content>Files.

Need More Space?

While there is no way to increase the Site’s space limit, to maximise your space, consider:

  • deleting unused/older content
  • reducing the file size/quality of existing and new items you’re uploading
  • is there an external service you can host larger files on
  • ultimately relocating to another website system where you can expand uninhibited.

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