It is the Theme which sets your site’s font styles, such as size, colour and header text style variations, and other general layout dimensions and colours which you have no control over anywhere else.

Themes are found and changed via Theme & Layout in the main menu, then selecting Change Theme.

Change Theme Corporate Colours

The theme can have the corporate colours altered throughout the site. The colour is used in the logo, links and buttons and can be altered to match the entity type's official corporate colour.
eg. in the South Pacific Division it's: Orange for a Church, Dark Blue for a School, Purple for Aged Care and Light blue for Health Care entities. 

On the Theme & Layout page in the main menu, click the pencil icon below the Theme displayed on the right and choose from the available colours.

Change/Create entire Theme

Currently there is only one theme available and there is no way to change, edit of create another theme. 

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