Post Categories

Posts can be given a Category to help group all posts of a certain series or major theme so you can isolate and display only posts with that Category together.

Some examples would be: Recipes, Church News, Devotions, Theological Thoughts

Posts can only have one Category applied to them, but Posts can have many Tags applied to them.

Tags are smaller topics within the category. Examples might be: Vegan, Sabbath, Funny

New Categories can be added when creating a Post, or can be added and managed in the Category area by doing the following:

  1. Go to Content>Posts in the Main Menu
  2. Click Categories up the top right
  3. Click Add to make a new Category, or click on an existing category 
  4. enter the Category name and click Save

The Category will now be available to apply to Posts


  • A Category is applied to a Post when it is added or edited
  • To display links to a Category's collection of Posts on a website, use the Posts Widget
  • To link to the collection of a single Category's Posts only, Use the Link chooser in the Main Menu or in the Text or Card Widget's 
  • If your Post does not appear on your website, make sure it is set to a Status of Published. (open the post, click settings, and change status to Published) 

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