Posts (Blog) Overview

  • Posts, like a Blog, is a feature for posting a high quantity of category related content on your site.
  • Regular Pages are good for one off content or more long-term critical or standalone information, things like About Us, Contact us, Our ministries, whereas Posts are used for more serial content. Eg. Recipes, news reports, devotionals, theological thoughts 
  • Posts can be managed in the Content area of the Dashboard's Main Menu
  • Posts can be grouped in a Category and have authors and keyword tags applied to them  
  • To display created Posts on your live site you can either:
  1. link to a single specific Post (via the Main Menu or with the Text or Card Widget) 
  2. link to a specific Category's Posts only via the Main Menu or with the Text or Card Widget's Link chooser
  3. add the Posts Widget to any Page and links to the first few Posts will be displayed in a box on that Page
  4. ADVANCED: The Link Chooser is used with the Main Menu and Text and Card Widgets to help you find and link to Posts and Categories, however, as an FYI, the URL structure used is as follows:
    - view all posts: /posts 
    - view all posts in a category /posts/categories/categorynamehere
    - view all Posts with a specific Tag /posts?tag=taggoeshere
    - view Specific Post: /posts/postidgoeshere-postSLUGgoeshere

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