About Adventist Place

Designed especially for smaller churches, schools and missions without a tech savvy webmaster, Adventist Place is a fully subsidised, easy-to-use website creator for any officially recognised Adventist entity within the South Pacific Division (SPD).

Adventist Place is a simplified and modernised alternative to the netAdventist website platform the SPD hosted and supported between 2007-2017.

“When we needed to move forward from netAdventist we created a Simple Church webpage service as an easy fall-back option for churches who weren’t able to organise a modern website presence on their own,” says Daniel Lewis, lead developer at Adventist Media.

“However the feedback we received showed it was too simple for many to be practical. This lead us to rework the service into the much more comprehensive Adventist Place website creator. It’s still simple, from a design and management point of view, but now flexible enough to allow hands-on creation of a reasonably comprehensive and creative web presence.”

The website can be built as a basic set-and-forget information site or regularly updated with events, bulletins, podcasts and video. It allows churches to integrate content from their existing social media pages with their websites and a built in stock photography feature helps webmasters apply professional images to their pages.

Adventist Place is developed and supported by Adventist Media.

“We’re providing this service to make sure every church entity in the SPD has the opportunity to create a great looking website without needing to be a web developer,” says Kalvin Dever, CEO of Adventist Media. “The aim is to help churches progress from having a website that looks old or has out-of-date information - or that don’t have a website at all because it’s all too hard. This service makes it easy for churches to have a neat looking website to represent their church. Adventist Place is part of a larger digital platform that we are developing that also includes Adventist Cloud, AdHub and DiscoveryHub. We’ll work on tweaking Adventist Place as more feedback comes in and technology moves forward.”

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