Adding Episode Files

Once a Podcast is created, you can upload audio files into it. To do this:

  1. Go to Content>Podcasts in the main menu
  2. Click on the name of the Podcast
  3. Click Add Episode
  4. If not uploaded already, click Select Files and locate and select the files to upload them
  5. Click Documents
  6. Click the Add button found to the right of each file listed you want to add to that Podcast (note: you can not remove a file mistakenly added when on this screen)
  7. Click outside of the opened window to close and save

Your podcast will now have one or more Episodes.


  • Details of the Podcast episode file can be edited by either clicking the three menu dots to the right of a file listed or going to the Content>Files area in the main menu. Changes made to a file will update wherever that files is being used.
  • You can edit the Published Date of a file to manually set the order it appears in the list of files by clicking the three menu dots to the right of a file listed, and updating the Published date of the file.

If you haven't already, put the Podcast Widget on a Page or Sidebar in your site so visitors can find and listen to them.

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