Ordering Menu Items

NOTE: there is currently an issue for users of Internet Explore and Edge browsers. Please try another browser if you can not do the functions listed below.

To order items on your site's main menu, go to Theme & Layout (found on the Dashboard's main menu on the left) and click Manage (to the right of the words 'Main Menu').

  • Arrange Menu Items: To adjust the order of the menu items, click and drag the three lines found to the left of the item you want to move and release the mouse when it’s in the correct position.
    NOTE: the top of the list of menu items is the left most item of the Main Menu, the bottom of the list appears to the far right.
  • Sub-Menu Items: to hide a Main Menu item until a mouse hovers over a specific menu item, click the 'right pointing' arrow on the right of the menu item you want to turn into a sub-menu item. That item will indent to the right in the list, and will be a sub-menu item of the first item not indented above it.
    To make a sub menu item back into a regular 'top' level menu item, click the 'left pointing' arrow on the right of the menu item
    NOTE: sub-menu items can only be moved around neighbouring sub-menu items - not into other sub-menus without first being changed back into a 'top' level menu item.

To Delete a link, click the 'three dots' menu to the right of the item you want to delete and select Delete.

NOTE: All changes made in the Main Menu screen will be instantly viewable on your website if a visitor loads the page at that moment.

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