Church Bulletin

A common feature for many churches is to add a weekly bulletin to their website. We can achieve this using resource groups as follows

Setup the Bulletin Resource Group

  1. In the main menu go to Content > Resources > Add Resource Group,
  2. Give the resource group a name like "Church Bulletin", 
  3. Write a summary, for example: "Read our weekly church bulletins"
  4. Add an image by clicking the plus icon. In the pop-up window click on Stock Images and do a search for a term like "book" to see plenty of great images to use. Click on an image to select it.
  5. Click Save

Add Bulletins to the Resource Group

  1. While viewing the resource group, click Add Download
  2. Select the PDF file to upload or click on the Documents tab to select a document you previously uploaded.
  3. Once the PDF is uploaded, click the plus icon to add it to the resource group. 
  4. Set the name of the bulletin e.g. "Bulletin 15 March 2025" and then click Save

You can repeat these steps to add bulletins

Help visitors find your Bulletins

To help visitors find your church bulletins you can link to the bulletin resource group in the main and/or add the resource group(s) widget on pages.

Add link to main menu

  1. Go to Theme & Layout > Click Manage next to Main Menu.
  2. Click Add Menu Item. Here you'll be adding a Page type of link
  3. Set the title to "Bulletin"
  4. Scroll through the list of pages to find the name of your resource group or use the search field.
  5. Click Done to add the link. The link will appear at the end of the menu. You can click and drag the icon in front of the name to move it in the menu. 

Add a widget to your home page or any other page

  1. Go to Pages > Home Page
  2. Add the Resource Group widget and select the the "Bulletin" resource group. More details on this step can be found on the Resource Group Widget documentation.

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