Which Facebook Account type?

There are three types of Facebook accounts, each with different uses:

> Personal Account: this is the typical Facebook account type and is intended for humans only, never for a place. A Personal account can not display a location map, website address or opening hours, can't have multiple admins and has many other incompatible functions when trying to make a personal account work as an account for a place. 
If you have a personal account for your place currently, we highly recommend you start a new proper account (see below) immediately, even if you have hundreds of 'friends' already. Once created, message all the 'friends' of the old account to like the new Page and eventually close the old 'personal' account.
NOTE: A Personal account is needed for each Admin of the Facebook Group or Page.

> Facebook Group: this is typically best for internal communications where everyone in the group can speak and be heard, (eg We need more soup for church lunch this week, can anyone help? ) though it can be set so an admin has to approve all posts if desired. 

A group can be set to:

  • Public - Public can search and find the group, see all posts and add themselves to the group.
  • Closed - Public can search and find the group but must ask and be approved in order to join, or be invited by an existing member of the group. Public can't see any posts until they become a member of the group. This group type is recommended for general church internal communications
  • Secret - Public can not find the group at all, even if searching, and need an invite by members already within the group to join. This group type is Good for more sensitive type groups.

> Facebook Page: this is typically the best type of public promotion Facebook account for a physical place or cause. It allows only Admins, (of which there can be several) to post news, photos and events and the public can 'like' the Page to receive notifications of new content that has been posted, as well as comment and like posts. 

To create a Facebook Page, go to facebook.com/pages/create

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