Content Ideas

A church website's primary purpose is to inform community visitors in everything they need/want to know about your church to make the idea of visiting as inviting as possible.

Below are our recommendations for the essential information to have on your Church website.

  • NAME - Have your church's name so they know they're on the right site
  • LOCATION - Street address, Google map, directions, public transport options, and instructions for parking
  • TIMES - Service times of when to turn up
  • ROUTINE - Descriptive explanations of what generally happens at each regular event
  • CONTACT - A contact us form and phone number so they can ask questions 
  • BELIEFS - A general statement of beliefs and vision of your church
  • ACTION - What your community involvement is and a list of ministries you run
  • CHILDREN - How kids are catered for. Is there a 'cry room' or change facilities?
  • STAFF - Who's running the church, what's their experience, passion and vision. Include photos, a video message even, and present it as written by them to the visitor (not the webmaster writing about their Pastor)
  • TESTIMONY - A neatly produced video of church members sharing why they love to attend your church is also a great asset to your site. Paragraph quotes of why they attend could also be on the page form church members

Much of the above could be covered in an introductory welcome video.

In all you do on your church website, think what will it look like to a first time visitor and does it answer all the basic questions for someone who is deciding whether to visit your church for the first time.

Check out this video for some expanded ideas of some of the above topics to inspire you:

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