Adding Mailchimp Lists

To add a Mailchimp list to your Site, so you can later add it to your Pages via the Mailing list Widget, do the following:

  1. Go to Content>Mailing Lists in the main menu
  2. Click Add Mailchimp List
  3. Enter a Name for the list
  4. Paste the Embed Code from Mailchimp in
    To get the embed code:
    1. Go to your Mailchimp account
    2. go to Lists
    3. select your list
    4. click Signup forms
    5. find the ‘slim’ form, get the Copy/paste the code onto your site HTML.
  5. Set its formatting:
    1. If you only have first namelast name and email fields on your list,tick the box. It will format the form with your theme’s look.
    2. If you have added any additional required fields in your Mailchimp List, like ‘age group’, then do not tick the box or these extra fields will be hidden and the visitor unable to see them. The form will come in with all fields and Mailchimp’s formatting.
  6. Click Save


  • it is possible to add a simple and a ‘untouched’ version of the same Mailchimp List, just go through the process of adding the list twice and select one with the box ticked, and one without.
  • it is possible to add multiple Mailchimp lists to your Site. Eg a church list and a youth list. These lists simply need setting up in Mailchimp separately and then their specific embed codes used.
  • this feature is for collecting emails and putting them into a Mailchimp list only. It does not allow you to receive or send emails in Adventist Place. All that is done within Mailchimp.

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