Adding Video Playlists/Albums

You need to connect a YouTube Playlist or Vimeo Album to be able to use the Video Featured Widget, Videos Widget, Playlist Widget and Video Auto-generated pages. 

By setting these up, any videos added to the YouTube Playlist or Vimeo Album will automatically be updated as a ‘latest’ video in your website.

To add a playlist/album:

  1. Go to Content>Video Playlists in the main menu.
  2. Click Add and choose YouTube Playlist or Vimeo Album
  3. Enter the playlist/album URL (not an individual video URL)
  4. Give the playlist a name 
  5. Summary: Optionally add a summary 
  6. Sort By: Choose the order the videos will display: Ordered (same as set in YouTube/Vimeo), Reverse Order, Newest first, Oldest first.
  7. Update Frequency: Chose how frequently the playlist checks YouTube/Vimeo for new videos and upate what displays on your site if it finds new content.
    Hourly, Daily Weekly or Never. (The 'Weekly' option updates in the early hours of Monday Sydney Time)
  8. Save

NOTE: To show the Videos on a Page of your Site you will need to add one of the Video Widgets to a page or Sidebar.

A playlist can have up to 100 videos maximum.

Viewing list of Videos / Stats

You can view the list of videos in each playlist by clicking the Video button to the right of a playlist. you can also view the number of views each video has had on your website (excludes YouTube/Vimeo views)

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